Hegmatan Cement Company was established on 04.24.1989 as a limited liability company and it is registered in registration administration of companies and industrial ownership of Tehran with the number 74545 dated on 04.24.1989. By the adopted decisions in the extra session of public association dated on 10.02.1999 legal personalityof company was changed from limited liability into join stock.

Company’s main center was transferred from Tehran to Shahanjarin village (factory place) in Hamedan, based on approved extra public association dated on 03.11.2000 and it was registered in administration of Hamedan province companies’ registration with the number 3942 and finally with the letter from administration of companies’  registration of Hamedan province number  ۵۱۶۷۲ dated on 03.10.2001 the company’s document was transferred from Hamedan to Razan town and with the number 27 dated on 03.13.2001 was registered in Razan’s administration of documents and estates.

Based on the operation permit, number 1047 dated on 01.31.1998 that was issued by Hamedan province’s administration of industries, operation from company’s factory started with the capacity of 2300 ton in a day and 690 thousand tons in a year. Considering the performance of increase project into 100 tons during a day and operation of this project on 02.15.2006 operation permit was issued by Hamedan’s organization of industries and mines with the number 1760 dated on  ۱۱٫۰۲٫۲۰۰۶ with the capacity of 3200 tons in a day and 960 thousands tons in a year.

In addition regarding project of factory progress and operation permit and on 01.19.2009 permanent operation permit was issued by organization of industries and mines of hamedan with the number 21184 for factory new line with the capacity of 3400 tons in a day and 1020000 tons in a year. At present,  Hegmatan Cement Company is one of the best producers of cement in country with production of 700 tons in a day.

The most important investment of company includes Investment in Nahavand Cement company’s stocks (51%), green Gilan Cement Company (10%)and Parifab Co (10%).